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Free online games

Practise your multiplication skills in these online games! Learning times tables becomes even more fun this way!!
Click on the image or the title to play the game of your choice.

1. 9 Box
multiplication game - 9 box   Multiply the number with the red dot by the number located in the box that is indicated by the red dot.
First time? Choose the PLUS-version and you get help!! It is also the best place to start learning and understanding the game.
The PRO-version is for advanced users and makes your brain work overtime!
2. Skater Math    
Skater math multiplication game   Press the correct multiplication answer at the right time to jump over the obstacles on the road. Choose a girl or boy skater and go for 'multiplication'. You can also practise divisions with this game.
You can practise first, if you want, before you play the real game. Have fun!
3. Four in a row    
4 in a row free multiplication game   Already know your times tables? Like to add a little strategy to it? Go ahead and try to beat the computer in this strategic multiplication game! Move the arrow under the grid to make a new multiplication. In order to win, you need to make 4 multiplications in a row. Not only do you need exellent knowledge of your multiplication facts but you also need to think 2 or 3 steps ahead and crawl into the strategy of the computer before acting!
For the more advanced mathematics!
4. Meteor Multiplication    
meteor shooting multiplication game   A meteor shower is coming towards your space station. The answer to the right multiplication is placed in your star station. Aim your station to the corresponding meteor and fire the gun. The meteor will be destroyed and will be replaced by a more distant one. How many meteors can you destroy?
You can choose 3 different speeds to play.
4. Practise Multiplication    
Practise multiplications in a fun and speedy way!   A fun game to practise your multiplications! You not only need to know your facts but you also have to be handy and quick!
The explanation is in Dutch but for the game itself you don't need to understand Dutch.
This is how it goes: First choose the color of your puppet. Then choose the first link if you want to practis one times table in particular. Choose the second link (x) if you want to practise all times tables mixed.
START! Use the left and right arrow keys to walk around the planet towards the answer. Catch the right answer by jumping, using the 'up' arrow key! But watch out! Don't let the cannonball hit you. When this happens, the game is finished. Good luck and have fun!


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